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Are you ready to join others by bringing mindfulness and meditation to your kids and teens? Subscribing to Cosy Cloud is easy!

Step 1:
Click Subscribe (below) and fill in simple form (it takes about 2 minutes to complete). 

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Step 2:

Within 24 hours you will receive an email.

This email will include your invoice and login details so that you can start your journey straight away!

Step 3:
Send payment to Cosy Cloud when the funding comes your way.

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Join for only 


per household,

per annum!


per child, per annum!

School / Youth

Services discount!

Get in touch!

Are you ready to subscribe? Do you have any questions about Cosy Cloud or about mindfulness in general? We're here to help!

New to meditation?

Meditating with Cosy Cloud is fun and easy: no previous experience required. Simply click play and allow yourself to be guided through meditation.

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