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Our vision

Cosy Cloud is at the forefront of a mindfulness and meditation movement across the UK. Our vision is to help create happier, more confident and capable children and young adults by spotlighting and strengthening their mental health. In addition, by providing meditations in both Welsh and English language we aim to help schools and colleges to further improve exam results, decrease absenteeism rates and to ultimately help them fulfil their potential.

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Siwan Reynolds, CEO of Cosy Cloud

“My dream of spreading meditation to the next generation is becoming a reality, my goal is to spread the practice of meditation to more and more children each year. Come and join us at Cosy Cloud to help to take care of children’s mental well being for the future.”

How it all started...

Siwan Reynolds is a qualified meditation teacher from Wales, UK who founded Cosy Cloud in 2018.

As a 14 year old Siwan was diagnosed with epilepsy.

The accompanying seizures would often make life emotionally challenging. Due to Siwan's medication causing fatigue and poor memory she was forced to find another way to try to decrease the seizures.

Siwan came across an article that had suggested that meditation could help. This inspired her to meditate for 20 minutes every night. After 4 months Siwan had found that her life had completely changed, not only did her seizures decrease but her physical energy increased. Siwan had better memory, higher grades at university and had become a happier, more confident and content person to name only a few positives!

This led Siwan to believe that everybody needed to experience these fantastic changes that meditation has to offer. This invoked the idea of Cosy Cloud. Siwan then trained with The British School of Meditation and qualified as a Meditation Practitioner.

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Advisory Board

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Daryn Groves

Co Content Creator and Advisor

Co Content Creator specialising in binaural sound effects for mindfulness and meditation that reinforce self-belief, caring for others and finding our place in the world.

'Peace and love leads the way no matter what others do or say. Never stop believing in yourself. We all find our place'- Daryn

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Sue Crabtree

Educational Advisor

Up to 40 years teaching experience in KS1 and  KS2, in both state and independent schools in Wales. Deputy Head Teacher of primary schools in Cardiff and The Vale of Glamorgan for over 22 years. Sue is experienced in training staff in Management and Behaviour.

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Jane Davidson

Educational Advisor

Dr Jane Davidson is Pro Vice-Chancellor Emeritus at the University of Wales Trinity Saint David. She is a secondary teacher by profession and from 2000-2007 was Minister for Education, Lifelong Learning and Skills in Wales.  

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