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Virtual Meditation

Cosy Cloud at home...

We are pleased to announce that we are giving schools our permission to allow for their pupils to access Cosy Cloud in the comfort of their own home!


This will help to alleviate any COVID uncertainties and allow pupils to have a more personal space if they require this.

How to Share Cosy Cloud with your pupils

Children can use our library by simply logging in during an online class or during their own time in the comfort of their own home!


Why? Cosy Cloud can be a peaceful retreat and a form of support for children whenever they need it.

Share posters and games during your online class by simply sharing your screen! (Google Meet – Presentation mode).

Idea: How about meditating together during an online class or digesting one of our guidance posters or even exploring one of our mindfulness exercises?!

Reminder: It’s good for teachers’ own wellbeing to join in too!

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